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Entries from March 2020

E60: COVID19 Series - Hydroxychloroquine #2

March 26th, 2020 · Comments

Trying to get to IL6, but so much happening in the world of hydroxychloroquine. As I said at the beginning, things are likely to move fast.  I'm planning to make this as an extended series, so please go back and listen to #1 before you listen to this!  This episode will round out the paper by Gautret et al. and discuss the best copy of a paper by Jun et al. that I've been able to find. Follow me @ebrheum and share with friends! 

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E59: COVID19 Series - Hydroxychloroquine v1

March 20th, 2020 · Comments

Welcome to the first episode of my series on immunosuppressive treatments for COVID-19. Today I cover the Renault trial and a nice systematic review, which I believe are the two best options in the published literature to date.  Find the papers and ways to subscribe at and follow me on twitter @ebrheum

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E58: Brief Update - Podcasting in the Era of COVID-19

March 19th, 2020 · Comments

Quick update podcast.  I'm planning to tweak the format of my podcast to better respond to COVID-19.  I'll be doing more or less the same thing but with a different structure and focus.  It seems a little peculiar to discuss anything else during the current crisis, so I intend to refocus and hope to offer value to listeners.  Share with friends - and @ebrheum

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