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Entries from January 2020

E55: Anifrolumab for SLE (TULIP 1&2)

January 23rd, 2020 · Comments

This week I talk about the recently published TULIP 1 and TULIP 2 trials that assessed anifrolumab for active SLE.  Great to see a new drug in this disease state; interesting to think through how these trials played out.  Get the papers and the pod at and follow me @ebrheum if you'd like to share feedback! 

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E54: Rheum4Debate - Triple Tx is 1st Line in RA w/No Response to MTX

January 16th, 2020 · Comments

Happy New Year!  This week Dr. Anisha Dua (@anisha_dua) and Dr. Sarah Fantus (@sarahfantus) debate this motion: "In MTX non-responders with RA, triple therapy (adding HCQ & SSZ) should be first line."  Please be sure to VOTE AGAIN on twitter (@ebrheum) after you have listened! 

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